18 Examples of Chatbots for Customer Service & How You Should Be Using Them

Nightbot is one of the best Twitch and YouTube bot examples. You can use it to engage your audience while streaming and answer frequent questions. It is cloud-based and has advanced spam detection filters. Bots used for streamers don’t have complex chatbot conversation flows.

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It feels like an interactive, conversational psychological test. Here is the chatbot AI comparison published on Google AI Blog. Still, the technology is slightly old and, reportedly, pales by comparison with some new solutions from Google. Mitsuku scores 23% lower than Google’s Meena on the Sensibleness and Specificity Average . However, the metric itself was designed by the Google AI team—which means it could be slightly biased. How to Add Free Live Chat Learn how to add chat to your business website in eight easy steps.

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Although chatbots offer a good alternative for resolving simple issues, many people still aren’t sold on the idea. According to a study by Userlike, 60% of people would still prefer to talk to a live agent than use a chatbot even if it meant they had to wait in a queue. Online shopping is the new normal, and people are keen to try out new ways to shop in the digital age such as using chatbots and AI.

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If you’ve not interacted with many chatbots, then it would be easy to assume they are just in place to greet customers and provide generic information. However, AI chatbot technology is extremely advanced and is capable of dealing with much more personalized and complex tasks. According to a report published by Salesforce around 23% of customer organizations were currently using AI chatbots. However, the report also found that a further 31% of customer service organizations planned to start using them within the next 18 months.

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The idea to automate it with chatbots came out of necessity. When customers have to browse through many options to look for the right deal, it’s always better to do it with bots. That’s why real estate businesses and chatbots are a match made in heaven. More than 1500 people have requested help from the chatbot. Chatbot received more than 1000 “Thank You” messages of total messages.

  • Replika launched with a viral marketing campaign where customers could gain codes by inviting 3 friends to join the waitlist.
  • Square 2 is well aware of this, and uses a chatbot on its website to provide 24/7 service.
  • The good news is that on the whole, people enjoy using chatbots to find information and deal with their queries.
  • The study showed that 50% of respondents in France viewed chatbots in a positive light.
  • Running a digital business was not very easy with manual technicalities.
  • Besides everything, MobileMonkey’s collaboration of lead generation and analytical capabilities is what takes the dominance.

That’s why bots are an excellent extension of your knowledge base, FAQs, and community forums, where they can distribute resources based on the customer’s comments. Moreover, you can also test the chatbot live to ensure its functionality free of cost. It supports up the 12 conversational mediums, out of which Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, website, SMS, RCS, discord, Slack, Google business, and Alexa are a few.


However, for certain queries such as ”Is DBpedia down right now? The DBpedia Handler is tailored towards conversations around the DBpedia community and based on existing useful background conversations. Here, we explored DBpedia’s mailing lists to answer DBpedia-related questions via a rule-based approach. This is just a sample of the many chatbot marketing tools that MobileMonkey has built for you.

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Fans could tune in, enjoy exclusive content and win prizes including a fan-assembled Super Gaming Rig worth $50,000. Sephora still stands strong, making optimal use of its chatbots and expanding even now. The bot is designed to both get customer’s information for marketing purposes and to invite shoppers into the store. A brief opening menu easily invites users to self-select the marketing service they are most interested in. All agencies can apply to join MobileMonkey’s certified agency directory, which places them in direct contact with customers who need their services.

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Moreover, the data collected from these interactions is then analyzed to aware users of potential areas of improvement. The endless bot-building capabilities of Intercom allow widget building even for beginners who don’t know anything about coding skills processes. There are two significant plans available at Flow XO, out of which one is free of cost.

The chatbot uses DBpedia Spotlight and the DBpedia Lookup service for this purpose. The results are cascaded based on priority levels with a higher priority given to RDF literals since they are typically a precise answer to a question. A lower priority is assigned to DBpedia URIs if both RDF literals and URIs are generated as candidate results for a query.

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And it is better to start now than to be late to the party. Banter messages are typically casual in nature and have very little bearing on the core functionality of a chatbot. Still, we provide a basic set of responses for such queries. Some examples of banter could be messages such as ”Hi”, ”What is your name”, etc. As a fallback in cases of no applying rule, Eliza is used as a filler.

Kuki does not serve any specific purpose, but rather aims to engage and entertain users. It has earned Loebner Prize for ability to have human-like conversations in 2013, 2016 and 2017,2018 chat bots 18 and 2019. However, the award, now discontinued, was criticized within the AI community, for being based on subjective assessment of judges after a short conversation with the bots.


The chatbot marketing bot can handle a contest from soup to nuts, allowing you to simply set up the bot and launch the contest. One useful feature of any chatbot is that users’ responses can be saved, allowing you to organize and segment the respondents according to specific categories. The chatbot marketing for consultants chatbot is also heavily used by agencies, who often provide chatbot marketing solutions for their clients.

  • 12 The responses from QANARY are typically DBpedia URIs or RDF literals13 with proper semantic annotation, while responses from WolframAlpha typically need to be linked to DBpedia.
  • Yalo makes it easy to get things done, so you can focus on what’s important.
  • With pre-built reports and insights, you can easily judge areas of improvement and take necessary actions.
  • This is a high-value option for the business, as people likely have urgent last minute questions before traveling but don’t have time to surf through FAQs or knowledge bases for an answer.
  • Your customers are being addressed in real time, AI Engine answers their questions and helps them with anything they need through a chat conversation.
  • The platform possesses a library of several pre-designed chatbot templates that can potentially save much of your time and efforts.

If you’re not all-in with building marketing chatbots, run, don’t walk, to get started. So in a way, chatbots are the natural next step for search, whether that is on a website, an app or an intranet. The user can specify much more exact information than they could in a single search text field and thus the results the user receives will be of much higher quality. Chatbots obviously have utility for improving UX, helping with sales prospecting and qualification, and implementing a self-service environment for your customers. The key is having the existing infrastructure to support this fantastic tool.

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