Finding Accomodation have never been easier

Find your Desired Accomodations such as Lodge, Selfcon, shops etc. around universities Today

Camplodge helps you to

Save Time

You don't have to spend Weeks, going from one place to another looking for accommodation.
Find accommodation in 5 minutes.

Stress free

No need to go Up and Down, or go through unfamiliar city or state. you can access multiple Accommodations on your Devices

View all

You have access to lots of accommodations to browse through, to find the one that fits you
browse through accommodations.

Schedule tour

Once you find the one you love, you can schedule a tour to see the place physically or video call

Save Money

You don't have to spend money paying consultation fee over and over again.
You get to easily find many accommodation you can afford.


Don't know how to Navigate or find accomodation in the platform? we are here for you, just contact our support team.

How it works

Step 1

Create an account

Simple and easy

Step 2

Search for your preferred School

Use our advanced search tool to find any kind of accommodation easily in minutes.

Step 3

View details

You can simply view all the details of the accommodation such as pictures, videos, and also features available such as electricity and water etc.


Schedule a tour

Find the one you like, schedule a tour of the accommodation with the field agent to see the place.

How to find accommodation

In this video you are going to learn how the platform can help you find accommodation easily.

Don't Like videos? Read guide.


Additional Information

As you find accomodation you love through Camplodge you will Automatically become a  member of the community.

This video is going to list out the benefits of Becoming a member.

Gain access to all Resources and Tools.

Once you become a member of Camplodge Community, you will have access to all our tools Such as:

Myschoolmaterials App

Gain access to our vast library of materials such as past questions, softwares, notes, ebooks, course e.t.c Today

Ryta Software

Ryta app Enables the user to generate contents such as essays, Descriptions,Q&A etc. using high level artificial intelligence (A.I).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question From agents/ Owners

Camplodge is a platform where those who Looking for accomodation around university areas and Those who have accomodation for rent or sale connect.  

In Universities where Camplodge is available, you can use the Camplodge app or the website to Find an accomodation you need.

When a User Find the acoomodation he needs by going through the details he can then schedule a physical tour with the agent.

Camplodge Stores a database full of Accommodation listings, and you can browse through all of them to find the one you are interested in.

Then, you will be connected with the field agent to schedule a Tour to see the place.

We have resources that can help you to Find Accomodation which is available at Click here. Our Team will help you along the way to Find accommodation, if you have no knowledge on how to do it. just contact Us

The Camplodge community is just like every other community, But Better in that every member gets exclusive access, bonuses and discounts to all Products in the Ecosystem such as the myschoolmaterials members can use the platform for free.

Every member will be given a particular ID by the field agent, which must be guarded at all times.

This ID will be used by the member to gain access to Events, Employment, Tools and Resources in Camplodge Ecosystem.


The Only way of joining the community as a member is if you acquired or renteed an Accommodation through camplodge.

And you have your ID.