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Start listing your Accommodations such as Lodge, Selfcon, shops etc. around universities for free, Today.

Why Should you List your Property

This are the reason to join Camplodge 

Cool Dashboard

You get a good Dashboard to monitor all your trackers, like how many people viewed your listing, and many more

Stress free

We wil handle the onboarding so you don't have to waste your time again, You will get Buyers/tenant who are interested on the property you listed.


Let us do all the work, we will run the marketing aspect of the work all you need to do is have the property and show the tenant.


You are entiltled to Full support along the way the platform, to help you maximise productivity and profit

How it works

Step 1

Create an account

Simple and easy

Step 2

Create a listing for free

Start listing your Accommodations free

Step 3

Get connected

Someone is interested on the property we connect you with the home seeker



You register the tenant for their ID by paying the fee, Once the transaction is a successful.

How to List your property on Camplodge

In this video you are going to learn how to create a listing and submit the listing on camplodge.

Track the performance of your Listing

In this video you are going to learn how to Track the performance of your  listing, and also some tips to help boost your listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question From agents/ Owners

Camplodge is a platform where those who Looking for accomodation around university areas and Those who have accomodation for rent or sale connect.  

In Universities where Camplodge is available, you can use the Camplodge app or the website to Find an accomodation you need.

When a User Find the acoomodation he needs by going through the details he can then schedulee a physical tour with the agent.

All you need to do is get the pictures and Videos (optional) and also thee details, Basically what will make your property stand out from other agents and owners.

List the property on Camplodge, when a user sees your property and requeest information you will be notified, so you can schedule a Physcical Tour with the Prospect.

We have resources that can help you to list your properties which are available at Click here.

Our Team will help you along the way to set it up if you have no knowledgee on how to do it.

Listing your property is Totally free of charge, and you can list unlimited amount of properties.

You will only pay a fee when the buyer/tenant pays.

We do charge you a fee for every buyer/tenant from our platform that Rents or purchase the property.

The fees can be accessed on See list.